Mantis in Black Lace

A short film detailing the awkward and shocking tale of Lars and Lila's first time.

The awarding-winning full short is officially online! Enjoy!

Twisted, hilarious, and exceptionally well acted, Mantis in Black Lace is a class act all around. This short film is one hell of a good time.

Art Ettinger, Ultra Violent Magazine

It’s sexy and wrong in so many ways it can’t help but to be entertaining.

Lee Demarbre, director Smash Cut!, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Well that was a fist fucking good time!

Rob Cotterill, producer Hobo with a Shotgun

What starts out sexy ends up sleazily subversive. Mantis in Black Lace piles on the perversions and will have you headed straight for a cold shower.

Paul Corupe,

Delightfully perverse and gloriously unrefined. The sort of sickness that feels good to catch.

Josh Johnson, co-director Rewind This!

Deliciously twisted, it showcases a remarkable talent to shock and delight. So wrong, so right.

Michael Varrati, actor, indie writer, columnist

Director Tyler Baptist really knows what he’s doing, and has that awkward tension thing playing out pretty well.

Robin Bougie, Cinema Sewer

Mantis in Black Lace is a lot like fighting in a boxing ring. You begin by training outside of the ring, building confidence, becoming more familiar with the sport; then you enter, never really aware that you cannot prepare to be punched in the face. I think this short broke my nose.

Chad Kuffert

Teaser Trailer